Love Anarchy Sanctuary

Sanctuary Studios, Unit 8 Fishers Industrial Estate, Wiggenhall Road, Watford, WD18 0FN

Love Anarchy, in collaboration with a freshly refurbished Sanctuary Art of Sound, are proud to present a truly unique event and creative hub for all. With the facilities of a venue/studio and the freedom of a house party, Love Anarchy Sanctuary offers expressive freedom and a base for networking creatives to support one another in achieving their dreams. Featuring incredible line ups of talent, followed by an open jam night, this is the MUST attend event of the month for pop-culture revolutionaries.

Art and music must come back through the grassroots, the public are rejecting establishment and there is a love revolution apon us. Come together and we will rebuild the industry from the ground up, to trade in good will and gratitude will lift us all to our inevitable success, as the currency of the new age.

Proceeds will go towards Sanctuary's free school of music, paying teachers to give free music lessons to the younger generation. We just ask for a small minimum donation of £8 (£7 - guest’s) for entry and you can BRING YOUR OWN DRINKS.

Join the guest list by adding a name, be it yours or a respective alius, to this event wall - share and tag your friends!

Live Music Featuring:

21:00 Temple Lake - Fusing "the riff-heavy stadium rock of the 70s with the grit and anger of the 90s grunge scene. Being heavily influenced by rock legends such as: the doors, Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam the band also dwells in the psychedelic finishing the mix with a solid dose of 2017.

22:00 Panic Island - Panic Island are a high energy, Modern rock and roll band!!! The group deliver an immense energy when they perform live. Their ferociousness on stage is akin to bands such as 'Rage Against the Machine', 'Faith No More' or the 'Red Hot Chili Peppers'.

23:00 Flavour Nurse - Returning as Love Anarchy's flagship artist, holding up the residency with a fresh new set, leading an explosive line up of incredible talent.

Extravagant and unthinkable, the totally inconceivable. We are Flavour Nurse, and welcome to the pigment of imagination. Emerging from the ether, amidst the mundane groans of the modern world, the musical healers - Flavour Nurse enter the scene brimming with life and fresh ambition. Procuring a dirty-sweet amalgamation of Neo-Psychedelic and Art-Rock sounds, Gaius Black, Sobias, Max DB and Croon Jackass embark on their fantastical journey, captivating the minds of the uninspired and restoring colour and vibrancy to Rock'n'Roll.

Feel the air and breathe it all in...