Temple Lake

The Dublin Castle, 94 Parkway, Camden

Temple Lake Temple Lake fuses "the riff-heavy stadium rock of the 70s with the grit and anger of the 90s grunge scene. Being heavily influenced by rock legends such as: the doors, Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam the band also dwells in the psychedelic finishing the mix with a solid dose of 2018

Children of the State It's a low-battery duo, at the Crossroads of Groove, experimental music and rock. Music tells the story of taxes, King of the rhinoceros, mystical character in search of Funk and absolute

MAUVE. Scottish fronted three piece rock band from the South East England.

OCEAN - Oisin Zandee OCEAN is a 22-year-old artist based in London.

Concrete Bones Concrete Bones are an alternative rock band that play heavily distorted guitars creating dreamy soundscapes and are fronted with strong rocking vocals.

Tickets £5 Advance / £7 OTD